4 Days to Norseman – Complete list of what I will wear

” When it’s cold „

Norseman is regarded as one of the toughest one day races.

And hence you have to prepare for anything and expect everything from sun, rain, fog and even snow.

Because all of the above can happen during the race!

The swim is usually cold and at the moment it is 14.5ºC.

This means 14.5ºC as the warmest. Where the melted snow comes down, it probably will be closer to 10ºC.

I’ve not been able to train for this so I will have to swim some, when I arrive in Eidfjord tomorrow and during the week.

When it’s cold you have to wear a wetsuit.

I’ve chosen Zone 3 Victory as it’s supposed to be warm and also because it will give me great buoyancy.

Additional to this I will use a Zone 3 Warmth Vest, plus Zone 3 Heat-tech socks.

The head will be covered by a 2Xu Head Cap. If its really cold I will probably use a silicone cap beneath this as well.

Normal silicone earplugs will be used and hopefully they will stay put, not letting any water in.

I have a big nose so there are few googles that fit me however Aquasphere Seal XP works like a charm.

Oh.. and I will also use woolfat around the body.

This is just to create an extra layer and hopefully the swim will be somewhat more durable.

Alot of things for one race!

” If it’s windy „

The bike leg will be tough.

Normal temperatures expected ranges from 5-20ºC.

And if it’s windy, those 5ºC will feel really cold at the top.

I will use my Speedsuit from Fusion here and hopefully throughout the reminder of the race.

Arm warmers from gripGrab will be used and above this the Fusion Speed Top will keep me cool or warm depending on the situation.

If needed I can throw another CRAFT windbreaker on top. And if the weather is really ugly, I have a thicker CRAFT jacket as well.

The legs will be covered with calf sleeves from Compressorsport UR2 ULTRA RACE & RECOVERY.

If it pours down, I have GORE-TEX Power Trail Active Shorts.

The hands will be protected by gloves and I have 3 to choose from:

  1. GripGrab Hurricane Hi-Vis when it’s really bad weather
  2. SOC running gloves when it’s just a bit windy
  3. Pearl Izumi semi-gloves if the heat is on 🙂

My helmet is my trustworthy GIRO Air Attack and the shoes are Bontrager Inform RL Road.

My GripGrab shoe covers will be tagging along.

The socks are normal bike socks so nothing fancy there.

The bike I’m using will be my Argon 18 E112 Time Trial bike.

It is equipped with a Garmin Vector S2 pedal.

The wheels are 60mm carbon fibre.

Garmin 920XT is the little computer that I will be using for all data showing/recording.

On the bike I will have 2 bottles whereas one is a XLab Torpedo System 100 while the other one is a regular one.

The saddle on the bike is an ISM Time Trial and connected to this saddle is a dual bottle cage holder from Profile Design.

This will probably only hold my spare tires and bike tools.

There are 2 criterias from Norseman, lights and a HI-VIZ vest, that has to be used.

  1. CatEye HL-L135+OMNI 3 will be on during the whole bike leg.
  2. A HI-VIZ vest will be used during the first part due to riding in tunnels.

” Running up „

My favorite running shoes are Saucony Kinvara 6 and that’s what I’ll use.

I will be using rather thick running socks as I want the comfort.

Running up the mountain could be really cold so I have some tights along if they are needed.

If I manage the cut off points I will have a back pack, Salomon Agile 12 with several things with me to the top.

The most important one is a headlight SEO5 LED Lenser.


Well, I think this was almost everything I could think of.

Note to wife: I got everything on 70% sale or it was given to me. Please don’t check what everything cost 😉


Next post will be about what fuel I will be using and how I will be using it.

Fuel for the race.

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