Cheezy post but true story. Ironman

Tomorrow is my race.

The thing I’ve worked hard for for over a year. One big badass Ironman.


Yet, I am freakishly calm!

Not at all nervous. You wanna know my secret?

I do not care for the race in that sense I have to perform.

For me, I have reached my goal today.

And that was to dedicate hard work and training and not give up untill this day.

So tomorrow is just another day. But perhaps a bit longer than any other 🙂

And I know that even if Icross the finishline in 10,12 or 14hours, the final will be magical.

And the word that will be heard from the crowd and the speaker is YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!

Words that does not only mean I did something special during one day.

But a deeper meaning that I set a goal.

I overcame obstacles.

I prevailed.


Today I already won.

Tomorrow is just the icefrosting on the cake. Albeit a slightly magical cake.


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