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When I had set my mind that I was going to do an Ironman I knew it would be difficult.

Even if I looked fit, I was far from being fit.

I thought  “But hey, I’ll train for it a whole year, by then I’ll be a monster!”.

My original plan was to get under 12 hours easily. If that does not work due to other circumstances, at least I am going to finish.

Somewhat cocky I then revised the plan during the summer to get under 11 hours. I mean, how hard could it be?

Hard, if you ask me.

Several workouts later and yes, I am better than I was before.

But I am not even near swimming 3.8km in under 1:30 hours, cycling 180km in 6 hours and running a marathon in 4:30 hours.

My plan has been revised several times since summer and I’m not so cocky any more.

If I make it under 12 hours, I’ll jump with joy!

I feel I could do well in very short distances, but I really have no power going on and on and on like in an Ironman.

Sometimes I wonder if this is negative thoughts, but looking at my data from all my workouts it’s reality.

My body is not prepared to fight 12 hours.

Realizing this very early in my training I have worked very hard with positive thinking and reinforcement.

If my body is not ready hopefully my mind will stronger and tell my body to shut up and do what I tell it to do.

One can only hope 🙂


Being an Ironman is simply not for everyone, and in the future it perhaps won’t be for me.

I won’t know until 16th of August this year, when I cross that finish line and hear the announcer yell “you are an Ironman”.

Because I will finish.

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