Easing into running, great workout tip!

So ever since I received confirmation to do Norseman, I’ve put more effort to my training.
Or really you could say, started training.
Obviously this is a race you can’t cruise through!

I don’t know how I will set up my training regime yet so I’m focusing on getting km in my legs.
Just to get the body to react and understand that it will deal with a lot during the next 8 months.
So I’m slowly building up core strength to be able to get into whatever training scheme I’m choosing later.

What I have been doing is many long intervals.
One of my favorite that everyone can do regardless of experience is:
Warm up about 15 minutes.
Run 3 minutes and then walk or slowly jog 1 minute.
Repeat 20 times 🙂

Pace should be marathon pace.. and if you’ve never done any running before you could do 5 or 10 of these in a pace that feels comfortable.
Marathon pace should be around 85% of your “Max Heart rate”.

This workout is also perfect to try higher cadence or other running techniques as after 3 minutes you can compose yourself and regain focus during the 1 minute rest. Or, as I use it, running in hilly parts. I normally run on very flat surfaces and need the rest when the ankles and calves gets tired.

For those of you that like stats, my Garmin profile is open.
One workout could look like this:

Source: Garmin Connect

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