Getting started. A re-re-start!

“until I felt comfortable„

Ever since I decided to go for Norseman I have been thinking on a best practice in a training regime.

How will I fit all the bits and bobs while dealing with work, family and friends as well.

And my conclusion was to set my priority getting back to running.

Letting my body adapt into getting used to work, understanding it had been a while since 2014 and my Ironman.

My goal was to run until I felt comfortable that I’m on the right path and my body can handle more pressure.

“I run around 4:35min/km„

For a couple of months now I’ve slowly made an effort not to injure myself while my pace has picked up and my workload pulse getting lower.

In September 2015 I ran around 5min/km pace with a max HR of 185.

Now I run around 4:35min/km pace with a max HR of 168.

A perfect marker that I’ve chosen a good path to start up my body.

I’ve slowly increased the distance per month and will continue my focus to gain more kilometers in the legs.

getting kilometers in the legs
Getting kilometers in the legs

“Enjoy spinning„

However now the time has come to increase the workload with some biking.

I sold my trainer a long time ago and will not buy one again.

And the weather, well.. I don’t go biking in bad weather 🙂

So what’s left? Spinning at the local gym!

I actually really enjoy spinning however there is just one catch.

Spinning is usually 40-50 minutes and it’s quite intense.

How will this suit my low pulse/long distance running?

Should I just grab a bike and sit on it slow riding instead?

I have not figured that one out yet.

I guess I will just have to feel this one out and keep a more intense period until I can go out and do longer bike sessions.

I’ll deal with the swimming part later as it has no priority for the time being.

If you want to check out exactly what I do, HERE is my garmin account. It’s open to everyone.




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