Race Report: Kävlinge trampet

After an Ironman you must rest.

And I rested for 2 weeks and then had enough. I had to get out there and start doing stuff.

I managed to squeeze in a running session and a swim session last week but felt that I should do some biking as well.

So I looked up if there is anything interresting happening last weekend.

And there was a small race. Well, it was not even a race really as there was no timekeeping or scheduled start.

Just complete a 75km ride and you get a plaquet 🙂

Best thing with this race was that you were allowed to use any bike.

And since I only own a time trial bike, this was good news for me.

I had plans of doing a quick race, hard but below my lactic treshold. And especially, do it on my own.

This ment no drafting at all.

Johannes, a team member from my club joined me. He is scheduled to compete at Ironman 70.3 Kronborg this coming weekend so this was would be a good last bike session for him as well.

Right from the bat we quickly realized that this was not going to be easy. Man it was a hilly course and with strong headwinds.

But both of us just pushed and kept it nice.

We also knew that we would do a lap wich ment that at some point we would have tailwinds back to the finish line.

And sure enough, when we came around the 50km mark we could enjoy the faster speeds.

The best part of this race was to see all the people that was there for the fun of riding a bike.

Many rode on regular bikes or mountainbikes and I even saw one of those bikes where you lay down!

Anyways, both me and Johannes finished in good fashion feeling alright.

So we changed shoes, tucked our bikes in our cars and went for a small run 🙂

The time for going 75.7km this day was 2h 12 minutes resulting in a pace of 34.3km/h.

Pretty OK for going at it “alone” with no drafting.


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