When things go downhill

Yup, finished my Ironman and was happy about having it done.

Everyone said I should rest and so I did for a couple of weeks.

But I wanted to get back on my regular training so I went to a running session as usual when I felt I had rested enough.

I knew I shouldn’t go to hard the first session so I took it easy.

But after a couple of kilometers I felt something in my knee. Just a little tingling.

1 week went by and it was time for my running session again.

This time I made it through warm up and then it started hurting in my knee.

What was it? My coach immediately said I had a runners knee. How the hell could I have gotten a runners knee after been training so hard for a year and now took it easy?

Anyways, I just accepted it.. but did not do anything about it.

Getting rid of runners knee is pretty basic. You stretch the hamstrings and knee etc. But did I do it? No..


Instead I took up other projects I had laying at home. And it was all fun.. but I wanted to go training.

But the motivation wasn’t really there.

I kept going to my Tuesday running sessions but since that was the only training I did I felt worse and worse when running.

Pulse was always high, I was always out of breath and my minutes per kilometers increased dramatically.

Last session I was going 5 minutes/kilometer and it felt hard.

I always say to other people:

Train once a week and you are doing it in vain.

Twice a week and you keep your endurance/fitness.

3 times or more and you increase your endurance/fitness.


And now I was the one going once a week..

When I look at the charts on how much training I’ve put in before I got injured and to what I do now it is frightening.

In June I was going 16 Bike Sessions, 16 Running sessions and 6 Swimming Sessions.

In October I was running once. ONCE!

That’s what no motivation gets you.

But that’s about to change and I’ll write more about that tomorrow!

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